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These are some of the frequently asked questions we get about our services and company.

Why should your Insurance Company use Insurance Claims Associates?

Insurance Claims Associates has only one focus, the client.  We are detail-focused and care about your bottom line.

What is the difference in an Insurance Claims Associates appraisal compared to other appraisal service providers?

We work hard to find the right LKQ and A/M parts for the damaged vehicle and make sure the appraisal is correct.

Why is the Insurance Claims Associates estimate review so important and what are the details?

Our estimate Review Program is guaranteed to save your company money and time.  Send your next assignment to ICA and our professionals will verify the accuracy of the repair cost, labor cost, parts, etc... You will be amazed how much overwriting is done and the dollars wasted as a result. Based on our review of the estimate, we will suggest alternatives that will ensure substantial savings. We save our insurers millions of dollars with proven results from our property damage audit program which makes it easy for the insurer to use and will save you money without a doubt. 

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